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Available exclusively through independent opticians in the UK.

Wolf Eyewear


Introducing our glazing service. Get prescription frames to your customers quicker with Wolf Eyewear.

At Wolf Eyewear, we’re pleased to provide customers with our in-house glazing service so we can ensure that you have the very highest service from a single trusted supplier. Whether you require single vision, bifocals, varifocals, or sunglasses, the team can provide you with a quality service at competitive prices.

Our glazing service reduces lead times and postage costs by providing an all-in-one service at highly competitive prices. Once you select your desired frame and prescription, Wolf Eyewear will do all the work in-house and ship the personalised frames back to you ready for your customer to collect. To find out more, talk to the team today, call us on 01296 668074 or place your order now.

Tired of waiting for your customers’ prescription glasses? Say goodbye to delays and hello to Wolf Eyewear’s lightning-fast glazing service!

Now, you can offer your customers flawless prescription glasses, sunglasses, and more – all delivered quickly. Our expert team does everything in-house, ensuring superior quality and exceptional service.

Here’s why you’ll love Wolf Eyewear’s glazing service:

  • Fast turnaround: Get your customers’ glasses quickly when ordering frames and lenses from Wolf Eyewear.
  • One-stop convenience: Skip the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. We handle everything, saving you time and money.
  • Great prices: Enjoy competitive rates on high-quality lenses and frames. Don’t compromise on price or quality!
  • Expert craftsmanship: Our trained technicians ensure every pair is a perfect fit and flawless finish.
  • Wide range of options: Choose from a vast selection of stylish frames and advanced lens technologies to meet every need.

Ready to see the difference?

  • Call us today on 01296 668074 to discuss your needs.
  • Place your order now and experience the Wolf Eyewear advantage!
  • Don’t wait. Give your customers the clear vision they deserve – fast!