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Available exclusively through independent opticians in the UK.

Wolf Eyewear

Define your style with signature eyewear

When choosing any accessory, there’s one thing you ultimately want — to stand out. Sure, eyewear has an obvious practical use, but do you really want your eyeglasses to be nothing more than a tool?

No — you want to be distinct. You want your personal aesthetics to be a cut above the rest. And that’s precisely what signature eyewear can help you with, which is why we’ll get into more details on choosing the right pair to refresh your wardrobe right here.

Make a Great Outfit Perfect With Signature Eyewear

Our clothes say a ton about us — after all, they’re the first impression anyone has about us before we even speak a word with them. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you’re going out for some fun or heading into yet another dreary office morning — the things you wear will speak volumes about your personality.

And that’s not just true when it comes to meeting new people — casual acquaintances also perceive you differently depending on what you wear, especially your “signature outfit.”

So, what’s a signature outfit in the first place? Well, you can view it as the piece of your wardrobe that you wear when you really want to make a splash. It’s a blend of your clothing and accessories that perfectly encompasses the message you wish to emanate to those around you. It’s your defining clothes ensemble — your go-to stuff.

And this signature outfit is called “signature” for a reason — it will affect how people recognize and perceive you. It shows more than your taste in clothing and accessories. In fact, it shows your attitude, your sense of self, and your “story.”

Every part of this signature outfit is important — but as an accessory, your eyewear is absolutely vital. With the right pair of glasses, even a dirty, plain t-shirt can seem artsy, stylish, and avant-garde.

Choosing Your Signature Eyewear

Your signature eyewear heavily impacts your entire wardrobe — but the question is, how do you choose the right pair?

Today, a quick Google search will net you countless guides that go into a vast amount of detail on this — guiding your choices based on the intricate contours of your face. And sure, you can go down that route. But remember, at the end of the day, your choices of signature eyewear have more to do with your personality than some specific set of rules.

Sure, these rules are practical — where lenses sit relative to your eyes, how well the nose bridge fits you, how wide the frames appear on your face, etc. But that’s just like going into a store to buy pants and only going by the fact that you’re a size medium.

In other words — these rules are only a starting point, and there are countless directions you can go from it. It’s all about your personality and style.

The Modern Favourites for Signature Eyewear

Often enough, the world of fashion seems like an arcane, complex thing to people who aren’t right in the middle of it. It’s not easy to pin down trends and follow them, especially in today’s fast-paced world where no fad lasts long. However, luckily, modern eyewear is somewhat different.

You don’t need to chase the “next thing” all the time. There are only two things to focus on when choosing your new signature eyewear: excellent craftsmanship and clever design.

Luckily, there are plenty of great choices by those criteria today — such as Wolf Eyewear. Our family-run eyewear brand is all about creating signature products that make a bold fashion statement while also complimenting your overall style.

They’re a great example because they create glasses that are innovative stand-outs — but without being hard to pair with any kind of clothing. For instance, these men’s frames in blue would go great with all kinds of styles and pretty much any occasion. If you want to improve your personal fashion sense without having to change any part of your wardrobe, they’re the perfect fit.