Bring out the colour of your eyes this summer with the season’s biggest trend: colourful glasses 

The hot weather is here and it’s time to break out your summer wardrobe!  

Sunny days call for light, bright fabrics that keep you looking and feeling cool from day to night.  

The same goes for your accessories. Sun hats, sandals, and colourful eyewear are must-haves for making the most of the season.  

Instantly upgrade your outfits with an eye-catching pair of glasses or sunglasses in the season’s trendiest colours from Wolf Eyewear.  

Snag one of our favourite looks this season: the 3118 frames in Pink Crystal. These colourful glasses were made to be mixed and matched with bright ensembles, whether it’s crisp whites, pretty pastels, or fun florals. If you’re more of a fan of neutrals, these durable lightweight acetate frames also come in elegant Brown and Multi options.  

Another look we can’t get enough of is the 4077 frames in Matt Havana. These tortoise-shell-inspired acetate glasses are the ultimate in effortless style: classic, cool, and made to go with pretty much everything. They look equally great with a breezy seersucker suit or with casual denim shorts and a t-shirt.  

Finally, what would summer be without a stellar pair of sunglasses? Stand out with a pair of retro round sunglasses that are both timeless and on-trend for summer 2021. Our SUN064 frames come in Black and Havana, and both add a pop of mod chic to any outfit.  

Want more options? Our new collection has a range of frames to suit every style and taste and is available to order online and through select stockists. Like all Wolf Eyewear products, our latest collection emphasises diverse materials, innovative design, fashionable colours, and superior quality so you can enjoy well-made and well-fitting glasses that are cool, comfortable, and made to last.  

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Our Frame of 2020

2020 has been a challenging year…

We have all, at one time or another sought to escape, to express ourselves and to simply feel happy. Is it any wonder that the most popular frames this year are the ones which have helped us do just that?

While some might wonder how eyewear can achieve any of those things, it is worth thinking about the bigger picture, the things we all consider when choosing frames for our lenses. These are two of the most popular:

Will they help me to look my best?

Will they help me to feel my happiest?

Colour can do both of those things and it is no surprise that our colourful range of parrot-style frames has seen such a rise in popularity this year. Many have chosen to branch out from the conventional safety of the less eye-catching frames they have worn in the past in favour of frames where the emphasis is firmly on looking and feeling great.

What colour we choose though depends on a range of factors, everyone is unique after all; different feelings make us happy and we feel at our best wearing different colours.

Blue tends to be a popular colour for those looking to take their first experimental steps with something different. Blue is cool, calming and all about intelligence for those who want the freedom to inspire and aren’t afraid to share that with the world.

Red tones are brave but 2020 has seen many take the plunge when choosing vibrant new frames. Red can make a real statement, feeling intense and warming up the cooler months while adding an element of extra heat and individuality to the spring and summer.

Green is the energetic colour of nature and suits a range of different people, it can feel fresh at any time of the year and lift the mood on days when the weather and wider world fail to.

Yellows are attention-grabbing and can add an element of happiness to the day. It is also a positive colour and while 2020 hasn’t seen many chances to do the things we enjoy; it is a colour that looks great with any outfit and any occasion.

At Wolf Eyewear it’s no surprise that our Frame of the Year is the parrot style colourful frame 3089 that showcases all those colours (and a few more for good measure.)

The fact that it became one of our most sought after frames throughout such a challenging year says just as much about human nature as it does about our skill and experience in creating frames that empower people to look their best and feel happy.

You might say they are a celebration of simple happiness at a time when it can make all the difference.

For more information on our range of frames contact the Wolf sales team at [email protected].

Retro-style fashion has surged in popularity in recent times, with the looks of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s returning to the fashion scene.  With lots of different styles coming back into vogue, the material combination glasses have become particularly sought after when re-creating the vintage look by adding a fresh dimension.

The current market offers a large variety of combination offers, ranging from wood and bone, even to buffalo horn!  However, for many people the metal-plastic combination is often their first choice due to its durability and practicality.  Designers are keen to use material combinations when re-styling these older frames, as it allows them to really play around with shape and form.  For example, both the oversized frame trend of the 70’s and 80’s and the cat-eye look of the 50’s, are easily achieved by adjusting the shape and thickness of the top plastic frame.

These new styles of frame provide wearers with the opportunity to add a splash of colour or use a patterned design including the ever-popular leopard print, but they also cater to those looking for a simpler, two-toned approach.  Similarly, those who love the vintage look will relish in the bolder combination frames more aligned to the ‘geeky’ look of the 60’ and 70’s.

Bold fashion statements and detailing have also recently trended with wearers often customising their look.  The material combination frames are great for small detail, such as Swarovski crystals or metal accents, particularly in the cat-eye shaped frames.  The 60’s favourite was known for its fun detailing and is the perfect shape for including a bit of bling.

While the retro two-toned look is particularly favoured by the younger working generation, as the frames are especially suitable for a business environment on both men and women, the more mature wearer must not be overlooked.  In fact, older wearers are keen to express themselves with new and exciting styles, often favouring the bolder looks and designs and taking on the role of boundary pushers in the eyewear world.

Will the vintage look continue to stay on trend in the coming months and years?  It is hard to tell, but the trend has extended itself far beyond eyewear fashion into the homes, kitchens and wardrobes of the country, suggesting that it is here to stay.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of frames which are designed to cater to individual fashion tastes as well as providing our customers with premium eyewear at a fantastic price. Our collection of fashion frames is available through our trusted independent opticians.  For more information please contact the Wolf sales team at [email protected] .

With a splash of contemporary colour (or colours), you can take your eyewear to the next level. That’s the point of contemporary frames – it’s an added accessory to add to your wardrobe. A colour radiates connotation that reflects personality while framing the eye. The choice of colours is whatever personality you wish to portray.

Frames like the 3066 – an energetic, multi-coloured frame for women by Wolf Eyewear. Drawing inspiration from bold colours and opulence gives this frame its unique character.

The 3066 comes in 3 combinations: purple and blue, brown and yellow, and green and Havana. It’s these colours that are the frame’s USP.

The purple and blue frames connote luxury, sacredness and nobility due to the lack of the colour purple in nature.

The green and Havana colours are less blended and more static compared to the purple. This option for those who like to clash their colours and wanting to make a statement.

The brown frames are lighter compared to the other options. This colour option is for the more conservative with their style and doesn’t want the colour of their frames to be overpowering.

The 3066 is made from high-density laminate acetate which enables 3066’s unique blending of colours possible. High-density acetate is durable to weather day-to-day wear while being lightweight and comfortable.