Wolf Eyewear North America and Canada, a subsidiary of Wolf Eyewear Limited, a British family-run firm, today announced that it is a partner supplier with Eye Recommend, a cooperative network of independent optometrists across Canada.

For over 12 years, Wolf Eyewear has been supplying independent opticians with bold, beautiful frames with creative laminates, colourful metals, and myopia control frames for children. In the UK, their reputation for providing the best possible service combined with competitive pricing means they are the go-to brand for independent opticians.

With eyewear designed to stand out from the crowd, made from materials built to last, and available in various shapes, colours and styles, Wolf Eyewear has a wide range of options for any Canadian optometrist.

Tom Crampton, Sales Director, Wolf Eyewear North America and Canada, said, “as a relative newcomer to the Canadian market, we are delighted to bring our many years of experience working with independent opticians in the UK. With offers like no minimum orders, 1-1 swap outs and online ordering, we can work closely with you to ensure the best products for your stores”.

Lee Raffey, CEO of Eye Recommend, a cooperative and growing network of independent optometrists dedicated to personalized and comprehensive eye care added: “We are delighted to welcome Wolf Eyewear to our cooperative and to enhance the benefits to our members”.

If you are interested in learning more about Wolf Eyewear, contact Tom Crampton by email [email protected]

Over the past few years, brands have been rushing to bring out eco frames, but we want to go further. Rather than designing a specific line of eco-friendly frames, we want to embrace a shift toward moving all our eyewear and associated product lines to more sustainable materials from the frames, cases and cloths to the business as a whole. That’s why we’ve launched Inspirit, a philosophy and underlying business principle that we will adopt in everything we do.

We’ve already switched our team to an electric fleet; our offices are almost entirely powered by renewable energy, and we continue to look at more ways to lower energy consumption and remove virgin materials from our products.

The integrity of our product is essential to us. We want to ensure that investing in new materials produces quality frames that you, our customers, will love. After much testing and research, I’m delighted to showcase our latest release of frames that now feature bio-acetate, made from renewable sources instead of traditional oil-based ones, a more planet positive material. We understand that this is just the start of our journey, but we’re setting out our commitment now to ensure that what we do going forward puts our Inspirit ethos at the forefront of everything we do.

Over the next few months, we’re going to be working hard to look at more opportunities to be planet positive, including recycling initiatives and ways in which we can help your business too. 

At Wolf Eyewear, our goal is to leave no tracks.