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A Year for Colour

Our Frame of 2020

2020 has been a challenging year…

We have all, at one time or another sought to escape, to express ourselves and to simply feel happy. Is it any wonder that the most popular frames this year are the ones which have helped us do just that?

While some might wonder how eyewear can achieve any of those things, it is worth thinking about the bigger picture, the things we all consider when choosing frames for our lenses. These are two of the most popular:

Will they help me to look my best?

Will they help me to feel my happiest?

Colour can do both of those things and it is no surprise that our colourful range of parrot-style frames has seen such a rise in popularity this year. Many have chosen to branch out from the conventional safety of the less eye-catching frames they have worn in the past in favour of frames where the emphasis is firmly on looking and feeling great.

What colour we choose though depends on a range of factors, everyone is unique after all; different feelings make us happy and we feel at our best wearing different colours.

Blue tends to be a popular colour for those looking to take their first experimental steps with something different. Blue is cool, calming and all about intelligence for those who want the freedom to inspire and aren’t afraid to share that with the world.

Red tones are brave but 2020 has seen many take the plunge when choosing vibrant new frames. Red can make a real statement, feeling intense and warming up the cooler months while adding an element of extra heat and individuality to the spring and summer.

Green is the energetic colour of nature and suits a range of different people, it can feel fresh at any time of the year and lift the mood on days when the weather and wider world fail to.

Yellows are attention-grabbing and can add an element of happiness to the day. It is also a positive colour and while 2020 hasn’t seen many chances to do the things we enjoy; it is a colour that looks great with any outfit and any occasion.

At Wolf Eyewear it’s no surprise that our Frame of the Year is the parrot style colourful frame 3089 that showcases all those colours (and a few more for good measure.)

The fact that it became one of our most sought after frames throughout such a challenging year says just as much about human nature as it does about our skill and experience in creating frames that empower people to look their best and feel happy.

You might say they are a celebration of simple happiness at a time when it can make all the difference.

For more information on our range of frames contact the Wolf sales team at [email protected].

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