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Personality versus Chic

With a splash of contemporary colour (or colours), you can take your eyewear to the next level. That’s the point of contemporary frames – it’s an added accessory to add to your wardrobe. A colour radiates connotation that reflects personality while framing the eye. The choice of colours is whatever personality you wish to portray.

Frames like the 3066 – an energetic, multi-coloured frame for women by Wolf Eyewear. Drawing inspiration from bold colours and opulence gives this frame its unique character.

The 3066 comes in 3 combinations: purple and blue, brown and yellow, and green and Havana. It’s these colours that are the frame’s USP.

The purple and blue frames connote luxury, sacredness and nobility due to the lack of the colour purple in nature.

The green and Havana colours are less blended and more static compared to the purple. This option for those who like to clash their colours and wanting to make a statement.

The brown frames are lighter compared to the other options. This colour option is for the more conservative with their style and doesn’t want the colour of their frames to be overpowering.

The 3066 is made from high-density laminate acetate which enables 3066’s unique blending of colours possible. High-density acetate is durable to weather day-to-day wear while being lightweight and comfortable.

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